Saturday, June 26, 2010

Strategic Planning Update

We are updating our Strategic Plan and thought we should update you with some thoughts from that process ...more to come....

Welcome to our Dream - "Every village girl has access to a school conducive to learning."
We provide appropriate technology solutions to co-ed schools in sub-Saharan Africa. Simple and creative technologies can enhance a girls chance to learn. By creating a "learning environment", we can increase attendance for both boys and girls, improve national test scores and pass rates, enable life long gender equality, and make schools a place to learn for a better life.
We start with the basics... clean water & hand washing programs, solar classroom lighting, co-ed latrines & sanitation programs. Then we assist the surrounding school support structure... the teachers, the community, and the local health worker that each play a significant role to support the school.

We include income generating programs for each school, to assure long term financial sustainability. We educate the community and help select low carbon and environmentally kind solutions. We train, support, and monitor the school and our programs, to assure long term success and replication to the surrounding communities.
We're excited to have you join our Dream Cause, and hope you'll get involved and spread awareness by inviting your FaceBook friends to our Cause Page,
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