Sunday, November 14, 2010

Updates from Farach & Zouera schools

Don't take silence to mean we are idle! We have been working diligently to finish up the 2 School Water, Solar, and Sanitation projects in Farach and Zouera...... the final steps are
  • implementing a millet center in Farach based on the Zouera pilot success,
  • building two adobe brick walls around each school to complete the sanitation phase for each,
  • and we continue to plan for the medical center, which is looking like location will be Zouera...
The millet machine in Farach was a special request from the Farach School Director, after he heard of the success Zouera is having with the one we finished there in December.

The adobe (called 'banco') school enclosures in each village are no simple task! Each brick is hand made, after the banco and other materials are manually retreived and hauled in from the closest source. The bricks must be molded by hand and baked in the sun, then one by one fashioned and plastered with banco into a 50m x 60m enclosure around each school campus. This takes thousands of bricks and many months to complete a traditional wall of this size! They will also install one large door so that a car can enter the campus as necessary, and doorways for the children and teachers to come and go. See photos and diagrams here of the work in progress now:

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