Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Update on Millet Centers for all 6 schools!

Through the diligent progress and generosity of our Manhattan Beach Rotary Club partner and several other clubs they have engaged, we are able to purchase a millet machine for each of 6 schools in the Essakane commune outside Timbuktu. The machines have been purchased and we hear from our on-site project manager, Hamadi, that they should arrive and be installed in early January 2011! What a fabulous New Years gift to these schools.

While the schools in Essakane, Bancor, and Immimalane (three unfunded) wait for us to complete our Solar, Water, and Sanitation work in Farach, Zouera, and Tissikoreye (all three funded), they can begin generating cash for maintenance and repairs and provide millet grinding services to the families of their students.

This has proven to be a great way to get all villages involved while we continue fund raising for the remaining schools.

Each center requires not only the machine, but skilled installation, a started kit including gas, oil, replacement parts, repair tools, as well as a floor, roof, and extensive training over several weeks. Once up and running, we continue to support them with additional training as required, marketing assistance to get the word out in the community, and assistance setting up a bank account for the school and accounting practices. Not as simple as it sounds! See photos in previous posts, just search on Millet.

See our Facebook Cause Holiday Wish to raise funds for these millet center projects.
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