Thursday, May 3, 2012


We have an incredible opportunity to win a $50,000 grant but we’re competing against 29 other causes, so we need your vote to help us win. It only takes a minute and every vote puts us one step closer to making a difference.
Please spread the word to other voters and you can all vote every day, through June 30th!

WHO is the grantor: Cultivate? A new wine brand that believes in more than just making and selling great wines. Cultivate is part of the “conscious capitalism" movement; they believe that profit is not the only reason for existence--rather, a company can both make a profit and make a positive difference in the world.

WHAT is the GIVE? Cultivate’s GIVE program donates 10% of their sales to non-profits selected by voters -- non-profits apply on the website, and then YOU vote. The cause with the most votes will get $50,000 and the 5 runners-up each receive $10,000. Here is a video explaining how it works:

WHERE do I vote? Here is the direct link to our voting page:  

WHEN do I vote? Now… and once every day until June 30th.

WHY should I vote? “With $50,000, we could outfit 2 village schools and over 300 students with clean water, co-ed latrines, hygiene and sanitation (hand washing) programs, solar lighting in every classroom, and a revenue generating program for each school to be self-sustainable. This includes all equipment, installation, transportation and delivery, extensive training for the school staff, and much more!” this is a gift that will make a significant difference in many lives. And Nomdahope assures that 100% is used on direct project costs. All volunteers and their travel is paid for by our volunteers.

The runner up will be awarded $10,000, which can outfit one school with either clean water and latrines or solar lighting and latrines, this would be fabulous!

HOW can I do MORE? Spread the word by forwarding this email or posting to Facebook, and support The GIVE by checking out Cultivate’s wines at   . Cultivate adds to the GIVE as sales grow so the higher the sales, the more money organizations will be given.

Thank you for supporting our cause. Let the voting begin!
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