Sunday, May 6, 2012

Second School Adobe Wall Complete!

We have finished our second 60m x 60m hand made adobe (banco as the Malian's call it) wall sourrounding the school in Zouera. This was no simple feat, as each brick was made by hand after gathering the materials from local hillsides and river beds, by hand pick, donkey and a cart. Not to mention the water to make the bricks! Each brick is then sun dried and assembled on the footing, brick by brick. Then the layers of cement and banco are plastered on, each layer let to dry before the next.

Then the metal swinging doors and large gate for vehicals  to pass through are installed. Now 2 schools have a 'campus' that the school staff and families can keep clean and safe. The school guardian and teachers can keep an eye on the kids during school breaks, and the sand dunes ever encroaching can be kept out of the classrooms and latrines! Let's not forget that this also keeps the donkeys and goats out. (I have had several episodes with a donkey trying to share the stall with me!)

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