Friday, September 21, 2012

Project Updates: Refugee Children enrolled in new school season

Our Project to keep Malian children out of the refugee camps and in school is growing. We now support thirteen (13) families who have most of their children starting school this month.
Project: Adopt a Refugee Student; keep them in school and out of ‘camp’

Here are translations of just a few of the letters we received from the program's students and their families. These letters were hand written in French, by the students on behalf of their families.

I thank the partners that created of this aid program, because we are refugees in a very expensive city. With this support I have been able to pay rent for the months of July and August. From the month of September, I can use the aid to enroll my children in a French school. Again, I thank the American clubs and NomadHope for their help.

- The Family of Hamilou ag Mohamed Ali, Nouakchott

I thank the American clubs for their assistance to my family. Since July, I have more help for house rental. But from September, this support allows me to enroll my child in a French primary school. I am really happy for the support and thank Adjmor and its partners for assistance to our families.

- Malick family Moulaye Haidara, Nouakchott

We thank the project for its support, it is of paramount importance for our family here in Nouakchott. We pay rent, medical expenses for the children, food, and school supplies for return to school soon. We thank the project officials for their dedication, and especially their courage to help refugee families. Our sincere thanks.

- Family of Houdouhoudou Walet Almaouloud, Nouakchott.
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