Monday, December 14, 2009

From the field in Mali, Dec 14th

Still waiting for the solar equipment to arrive, been 5 days since they left Bamako and think they crossed the river today; have our fingers crossed for an arrival tonight.
Tony, Alan & I took a day off and were tourists in Timbuktu today; lovely city with lots of history and beautiful architecture, libraries, and museums. Lots of Obama Tshirts in town, very funny.
Tonight we may be loading equipment on trucks!
Good news is that the pipeline test today was a success in Farach, so they just wait for us to finish the cement on the tapstand; Zouera is moving the tapstand to the location I proporsed a week ago, LOL.
Tony met with AfriquePower yesterday and observed the training of the village guardians who will maintain the systems; he felt the training was very thorough and is collaborating with the vendor on a photo maintenance manual.
Alan is missing his friends in Mopti, but has been practicing his Bombara in TB2 with Hamadi's family and anyone we come across; all are very impressed with his fluency.
Tony and Alan are fitting right in, drinking tea daily with the Tuaregs, and looking forward to visiting the schools tomorrow, Insh'allah.
Sorry no photos, too slow.

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