Sunday, December 13, 2009

From the field in Mali, Dec 13

Hello again from Mali! A quick update from Timbuktu on our progress.
  • The copy center in Farach is done, we are trying to find an internet connection solution for it and organize some PC training for the school Director, and someone to run it a few hours a day;
  • the millet machine in Zouera required us to move the machine a bit; (which of course had been cemented into the ground), which has been done and the first technician let go and a more competant one hired to complete the install and training; it should be up and running when we get back there in a few days; the village women are excited and waiting to use it!
  • the pipelines are done in both Farach and Zouera, quite an amazing thing to watch being done; a few cell phone calls from the President of the Zouera PTA and 21 men showed up with pick axes to dig the 250 meter trench;
  • the tap stands are being done now next to each school, lots of confusion about the design and how it should be done, but with Hamadi's help I think we straightened it out; we hope to see them working when we return;
  • The 2 Engineers without Borders volunteers, Alan & Tony arrived yesterday and are getting used to everyone and everything;
  • The solar trining started yesterday and really got going today, with 3 trainees from Zouera and 3 from Farach in town for this; Our solar partner told me today that the team is very intelligent and picking it up quickly;
  • As soon as the truck with all the solar equipment arrives, we move everyone to Farach to being the install there first, no easy task as this entails loving 2 truck loads of equipment and about 15 people via 4x4 to the schools, where there are no roads;
more next time, internet connections have been tough.

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