Wednesday, December 2, 2009

From the field in Mali, Dec. 2nd

hello, all good from field today; (excuse french keyboard)
here in bamako (bko) still; planning implementations;

geekcorp left bko this am for timbuku(tb2) with small team and equipment for copy ctr;

solar company is looking for bus today for his team; we are planning pre-training in tb2 ; then install, then more training; needs more thought;

hamadi in zouera today for planning; i should be in tb2 tomorrow; everyone there very excited; calling every day to see when i will arrive;

bko rotary meeting was good; president of club having us for dinner dec 27 for a project overview and photos; rotary in usa submitted second grant final paperwork yesterday; so should have money about march;

need to pick another school for solar, for now, maybe; tissikoreye building collapsed; school going on in the dirt now;

met last night with head of our schools; new director now in farach and also new one in emimalane; in october they conducted a hand washing program at all schools in mali, so she thinks our timing is good; we laughed about this program without water now; she introduced me to the head of the CAP, which does all teacher training up there and oversees daily the schools;

a few problems in the north east and west as you may have heard; all very far from tb2 luckily; i am keeping tabs closely and have lots of people helping me; all good;
until next time! keely

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