Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back in the USA, and flu season!

Well, I am back in the USA now, actually for a few weeks, but was down with the flu for 3 weeks and now seem to have some other kind of "bug", LOL, but really not so funny. I am up and down with whatever this is............

Hamadi was pretty sick when we left and just getting his legs back now too. He is back in Farach and Zouera this week to check on everything, should hear an update soon and will pass it on. He and I are continuing to work through the final implementation tasks we agreed to before I left there. We are closing in on final bids and plan from fencing / campus enclosures. He has sent us a plan and bid for a hydraulic engineer to visit Zouera and give us the root cause of the slow water to the tap stand and some recommended solutions. I reviewed the initial trip results with the EWB team here on Sunday and have another meeting scheduled with our water lead next week. We will collaborate with the Mali engineer to finish the hand washing solution there. More on both of those efforts soon.

I will be posting trip photos soon, which I know everyone is waiting for. Just haven't been well enough for long enough to get to it yet. Sorry. Here's just two
to tease you...
More soon, including fun stories of our journey!

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