Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Donate Airline Miles - Cashless Donations Help Too!

I was just given a wonderful suggestion, ask all NomadHope donors, volunteers, and fans to donate airline miles to the Foundation! This can be used for volunteers' travel to work at our project sites, which is one of the highest cost travel expenses we have.

The more I thought about this, the more excited I got about sending this message to all of you. Many of our engineering volunteers simply can't afford the airfare costs to get to our rural school sites in Mali, Africa. They need round trip airfare from the USA to Europe (11 hours in flight), and then to Bamako (5 hours), and finally another flight/airline to Timbuktu (2 hours). And then a 2-4 hour 4x4 bumpy car ride, and that's just getting there~

If everyone we know donates some airline miles, we can really help out the volunteers and make more progress each year. Now that is music to my ears! Even if we only have enough miles to help with one-way or to provide an upgrade, that is tremendous and also a volunteer recruiting perk we can offer. (flying for 18 hours, driving for 4, and then sleeping on the ground with no hot water... is not a picnic!)

So, anyone out there with miles in an airline account can do this. Here are the links below. Be sure to email to get our air miles account #, so we can track it for you, and send you a tax receipt!
  1. American -;jsessionid=4C2F9BDC4F2CFA27C366BE50FF4D2780?method=transfer&CAMPAIGNCODE=AAMarketingPageShareFeb10&c=AAMarketingPageShareFeb10
  2. Delta -
  3. United -
Pass it on!
FYI - Each travelling volunteer needs, for example:
on America: 20-30K miles one-way to Europe, or 25K to upgrade one-way
on United: 25-50K miles one-way LA to NY, and 55 - 110K one-way to Europe
on Air France: 80K miles one-way to Bamako
or just enough to get to NYC would be great!

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