Monday, March 29, 2010

In Memory of Brendan Beck and Walt Ratterman ...

We lost 2 wonderful souls in Hotel Montana, Haiti this year. I just learned of the second this week. Both Brendan and Walt advised me on our projects in Mali, making our success possible.

Walt has been advising me since the beginning, with his solar expertise. He helped me with phone consults and his wise words, reviewing our solar plans and encouraging me that I did know what I was doing. Walt installed solar systems all over the world, in some very crazy places where no one else would go. Mali was very tame for him and we laughed that he would have considered it a walk in the park! LOL

Brendan most recently, was introduced to me by Micahel Hamilton in DC. Brendan advised me on our recent water project and provided the voice of reason knowing the conditions there and the resources available. He intended to join our team to travel with us next time to Mali. His last email to me was in January, must have been just before he left for Haiti. He was anxious for my news of our December trip.

A great loss for the world and remote places and people in need!

You can find their facebook pages and others here:

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