Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Water flowing in Zouera!

Just got word that the water is now flowing in Zouera, to the school hand washing tap stand! and latrine repairs are done.  Hamadi's camera was attacked by a sand storm, so he sent photos from his cell phone instead.

He said it was a difficult trip, but they got the job done, I can imagine what that means, really! The only time I lost my cool was in Zouera one late night on a sand dune, right after Hamadi threatened to rip out the tap stand and move it to Tissikoreye, and I fantasized about taking the 4x4 and running away, LOL... long story. (I still haven't posted the 'funny' stories of our trip in December. promise to do that, with photos, soon)

Anyway, we are close to finishing the loose ends for Phase I in Farach and Zouera. Lights are on, and kids can wash thier hands and use the latrines, millet machine a big hit, and cyber cafe up and running, yippee! Just need to get the school campus wall / enclosure up now to keep the animals out.

Latrines here now have doors back on and roof repaired. The high winds and lack of use had the school latrines in disrepair. The students were afraid to use them without the roof and the girls wouldn't go in without a door. All in workign order now. Director promised to put a large can for water and tea pots for washing in each stall, will have to call and remind him now  :-)
The mason had to remove the existing pipe into the reservoir and replace it with a T and shut off valve, to feed both the animal watering pipeline and the new school tap stand. Looks like it took some strength to remove the old pipes.
 Sand storms kicked in while they were working, which likely wasn't much fun!
And Voila, enough water to wash and drink, but not enough to encourage a queue of women, donkeys, and jerry cans, just as planned!
Here's a photo of the main reservoir tapstand, where the women queue up each morning to beat the man that shuts it off and turns on the hose for the aniamsl, they usually get stuck and have to wait for the animals pipeline to be shut down to fill up thier cans, lots of chaos and shouting there usually.

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