Monday, April 5, 2010

We need your Help with some Simple Tasks

HELP NOMADHOPE’s Mali School Projects with some Simple Tasks
We are growing rapidly and trying to keep up. Below is a running list of short term tasks that could use a great and energetic volunteer like you! These won't require any engineering, just some tenacity and time. Also some longer term Chairperson roles for NomadHope, and some project leadership roles below..........
Your help with these will free us up to focus on our current project implementations and support of the schools and students in Mali.  You can live ANYWHERE and Help with these.
If you can take on any of these, by taking the lead and following through, please contact our Executive Director at  

  1. Help us sell this beautiful painting of a young Tuareg girl – maybe via e-Raffle, let's get creative!  - purchase is a tax deductable donation.
  2. We are looking for a corporate or individual donation of $5000 (or 2- $2500) for a Match of $5000 that has been promised by a private donor. This $10,000 will then go toward 3 Millet Centers for the schools in Mali that we are working with. The Centers generate income for the school to purchase school supplies, and to maintain / repair their solar lighting, latrines, school buildings, and clean water wells.  
  3. Coordinate a Rotarian Trip to Mali – we are looking for a travel agent or event planner to coordinate a trip to Mali for Rotarians from several clubs.
  4. Find a Malian Engineering University student intern to live and work in our villages as an intern. We have some contacts you can start with. Must speak French. 
  5. Sign up lots of Ralphs shoppers for our Community Contribution program and each time they shop & swipe their card, they donate to NomadHope! instructions for sign up here:
  6. Help us sell Gil Garcetti’s beautiful photography books, “Water is Key” for $100 ea. each can also be autographed for $150. Purchase is a tax deductable donation. He made this fabulous donation to us, now let's leverage it! He will even do a brunch if we ask,
  7. Sign-up a Celebrity Spokesperson for NomadHope – we are looking for a famous musician or athlete to represent our programs in Mali. This entails appearing in our marketing materials and our website, attending our annual fund raiser, and other marketing efforts. A tie in to Education, Africa, Mali, Soccer, Jazz or Blues would be ideal!