Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shop at Ralph's and Help a Child in a Rural School!

Please Sign-up for a Ralphs' Rewards Account, attach it to your keychain and every time you shop at Ralph's for groceries, swipe your card and you will be helping us with our Rural School projects!

............tell your friends & family too!

TO USE THE RALPHS COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION PROGRAM, and add us as your sponsored charity, take these steps:
  1. If you already have a Ralph's Rewards card, then click here to login or register online at
    Most will be new online customers, so they must click on SIGN UP TODAY in the ‘New Customer?’ box.

    or  pick-up a Ralph's Rewards card at any Ralph's, then click "Sign In/Register".

    or..Did you lose your card or you use your phone number at the cash register? Call 800-660-9003 to get your REWARDS card number.
  2. Enter your zip code, select favorite store and finish the regitration steps. You will then get an email to confirm.
  3. Click on 'My Account' and login
  4. Enter your 12-13 digit Rewards Card # from the back of the Ralph's card
  5. Go to 'Edit Community Contribution information'
  6. Input our 5 digit NPO number '92117', or search for "SAHARA".
    We are listed as Sahara Solutions Foundation (
You're done! now every time you shop at Ralph's you are helping us help children get educated.
Members must swipe their registered Ralphs REWARDS card or use their phone number that is related to their registered Ralphs REWARDS card when shopping for each purchase to count.


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