Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project Summary, April 2010

By popular demand, here is a full summary of our current Phase I project status. Even the project teams are amazed at what we accomplished in such a short time!
Project Summary:
Phase I: Water, Solar, & Sanitation for 6 schools, which includes:
    1. Pipeline to bring closest clean water source to a new tap stand positioned next to the school, which enables hand washing and sanitation programs for students.
    2. Solar lights in every classroom, which enables after school studies and reading, higher test scores, and adult learning classes; as well as improved safety and security. We also learned how helpful the lights have been during the days, particularly sand storm afternoons (see photo below), now the teachers can close the heavy wind shutters to keep out the sand and heat and still have light to continue classes.
    3. Latrine repairs, maintenance program, and proper use training.
    4. School yard enclosure, which keeps out the encroaching sand dunes, animals and their dung!
    5. Financial sustainability programs: a copy center and a millet grinding center, which enable each school to generate income for maintenance costs for all of the above.
Funding Status:
RI Matching Grant for $59,000 and NomadHope private donations of $5,000
 >>> Results: Two Schools finishing up this summer
    RI Grant for $27,000 and NomadHope private donations of $5,000
    >>>  Results: Third school starting this summer

    $5000 private donation + $5000 Rotary Club match = $10,000
    >>> Plan pending for additional millet grinding centers, one at each of 5 more schools
      Accomplishments Summary
       Student Sanitation & Hygiene programs in place:

      • Installed 2 Water Pipelines (170 & 270 meters)
      • Installed 2 Tap Stands (6 taps & a soak pit ea.)
      • Repaired 2 Pit Latrines (6 Stalls, doors, & roofs)
      • “Laver Les Mains” (Wash the Hands) program
      • Clean hands for daily school meals
      • Started Cleaning & Appropriate Use program
      • Increased attendance and student illness reduction
      • Access to clean & safe pit latrine
      2 Schools, all classrooms have lights, inside and out!

      • Installed Solar Lights (6 classrooms & 2 office buildings)
      • Trained 6 Men for Solar maintenance & repairs
      • Evening Classroom programs in place:
      • More study & reading hours each day
      • More frequent changes of blackboard curriculum
      • Less use of kerosene, lower respiratory risks
      • Community evening meeting facilities
      • Women’s evening education classes
      • Safety for overnight students
      Financial Sustainability programs operational:

      • Installed 1 Millet Grinding Ctr. (room, floor, tools)
        • Trained 1 Machine Operator (10 days)
        • Facilitated Price Setting & Quality Tests
        • Trained 3 School Cooks on Solar Oven Use
        • Facilitated 3 Solar Oven Meal Tests
      • Installed 1 Copy, Print, & Photo Center
        • Trained 1 Operator
        • Researched & Established pricing
        • Marketed to other communities (resident photo ID cards, academic reports, tourist services
      • School guardians maintaining solar and tap stands
      • School cooks maintaining latrines
      • Millet & Copy Centers generating school income for maintenance & repair costs
      • Memo of Understanding signed, ownership transfer
      • Other Benefits:
        • School Director out of pocket costs reduced
        • New skills & employment opportunities
        • Reduced time, effort, & injuries to prepare meals
      2009 Implementation Teams
      Photo: See Farach school out in the distance.

      - Keely McGeehan, Lead Project Mgr., 2009 Travel team
      - Fatimata Abdoulaye, Cultural Liaison
      Engineers Without Borders (EWB) - LA Professional Chapter:
      - Tony Haske – Solar Expert / Lead, 2009 Travel team
      - Steve Factor - Solar Expert
      - Ed Andrews - Water Expert / Lead
      - Alan Kwan – Water Team, 2009 Travel team
      - Michelle Tuchscher - Project Manager
      - Michael Hamilton - EWB Mentor

      Adjmor - Hamadi Abba, Mali Project Mgr., 2009 Travel team
      Photo: Keely getting Mayor's approval to work in region.

      Rotary Club Members:
      - Gordon Roedding, Bamako - host and advisor
      - Malick Niang, Bamako - travel assistance
      - Donn Ennis, Manhattan Bch – grant administration
      - Aliyah Levin, Manhattan Bch - grant administration

      School PTA (‘CGS’) & Community Members:
      - M. Mohamed Ahmed Ag Mohamed Aly - Farach School Director
      - M. Mohamed Assaleh Ag Moctar - Farach President Comité de gestion scolaire
      - M. Alassane Ag Rhaly - Zouera School Director
      - M. Mohamed Ag Insoudiaye - Zouera President Comité de gestion scolaire
      Local Product & Services Partners:
      - Local masons (water)
      - AfriquePower (solar)
      - GeekCorps Mali (copy centers)
      - M. Tijani (millet centers)

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